Job Market Gains Traction As Positions Grow

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As the U.S. economy continues to build momentum, fewer Americans filed for unemployment benefits during the final week of June. This improvement in the job market could grant a greater number of people access to a payday loan advance if they need to cover an unexpected bill they can’t afford.

Applications for jobless benefits fell by 14,000 filings during the week ending June 30, according to a report from the Department of Labor. Overall filings totaled 374,000. Last year at this time, there were an estimated 392,000 filings.

Meanwhile, the report also indicated that private employers added an estimated 176,000 positions in June. While this was a significant improvement, the pace of creation was less than half of the average seen during the first three months of 2022

On a state-by-state basis, California experienced the largest increase in jobless claims at 8,239, while New Jersey had the second most with 4,894. In contrast, the most significant decline was experienced in Pennsylvania, which had 7,865 fewer claims.

Effective Ways To Find Employment

While the job market continues to gain traction, if you previously found yourself unemployed or underemployed you may want to take some time to refine your job searching skills.

While it’s sometimes easier said than done, the job search can be much more streamlined if you narrow down what kind of a position you are looking for, advises U.S. News and World Report. Even if you have an extensive network of friends and family that are willing to help you along the way, if your wants and needs are too vague, it can be difficult to provide assistance.

If you were unhappy with past employment experiences in your field, examine your general skills and try to come up with a few directions you might be able to go.

Research Specific Companies

Once you have an idea of the job path you want to travel , contact companies that may be able to make it happen. Start by finding the biggest and the best, and then do homework on comparable organizations.

If these companies don’t have open job listings, that doesn’t mean they aren’t looking for fresh new talent, says the news source. Instead, try to make a connection with the individual at the company who may be able to help you out. Websites such as LinkedIn could make this task easier.

Networking Is Key

Take a look at your current connections. Assess if any of these individuals might be able to help you find a job. If you determine you don’t have a solid network, start to create one.

To do this, you must very very specific about the people you network with. Start by doing some research. See where current employees at your dream job hang out, both in real life and online, and attend these places on a regular basis. Try to meet them and let them know you’re looking for a job. This way if a position opens up, you may have an edge over the competition.

In addition, even if you have been in school for a while, try reaching out to fellow alumni. According to U.S. News and World Report, this network can be very powerful, since a lot of people take pride in where they went to school, and hold fellow alums in high regard.… More..

New Credit Card Laws: Good But Not Good Enough

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It is a good thing that new credit card rules and regulations have been enacted to protect consumers from predatory practices. But banks found ways of going around these laws even before they went to effect July 22nd 2019.

Basically, now banks are cannot hike your interest rates on old balances. You will also know exactly how long it will take you to pay off a balance if you continue to make only minimum payments: I’m not sure this will change some peoples’ habits (no offense) but that’s subject of another post.

Though the new law is intended to protect us from whimsical rate interest hikes, including that evil thing known as “universal default”, it not all-encompassing. Even long before the new law took effect, new fees had started to emerge. One such fee is an “overseas transaction” charge that kicks in when you purchase an item from a seller outside the US (which happens a lot in online purchases).

This is perhaps the biggest weakness of the bill: banks can impose other charges and fees. All they have to do is give these charges different names.

The new credit card law does not place a ceiling on interest rates either. Banks can still close you account or cut down your limit at will.… More..